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Build Trust with Anyone

Develop a trust relationship that cultivates
a high level of belief in you



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Improve Your Relationship Effectiveness

Be more productive in your
relationships and interactions


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Read Anyone’s Value System

Relate to anyone by quickly reading and
understanding their core values without
having to memorize complicated personality tools


Hi, I’m Dr. Orv Owens, relationship expert and trainer to over 2 Million people and hundreds of businesses including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies who have hired me for one purpose: to help people improve their relationships and effectiveness with others.

I created The Relationship Academy so I could bring this life changing training to you.

Everything we do, every action and reaction is based upon our value system. We have high values that we will die for, and low values that in most cases we are not even aware. These values create and control our principles that we live by and they in turn control our behavior and decision making.

If you can read a persons’ values, principles and behavior and relate to that person based on this frame of reference, you will develop a trust relationship and a high level of belief in what you offer them.

Dr. Owens will change how you relate to everyone in your world. It will give you insights on how to best relate to people you meet every day. It will increase your effectiveness professionally, in family life and socially.

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